Health Trainers

Do you need urgently to make some diet, exercise or lifestyle changes for health and wellbeing reasons?  Do you find it difficult to get started or to sustain it because you lack motivation?  Health Trainers are here to help!  

Health Trainers provide free and practical one-to-one support and motivation for people living in Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea. Health Trainers provide a free service for residents who need support to improve their health and wellbeing.

Health Trainers are local people, who are qualified to support residents in making healthier lifestyle choices, such as doing regular exercise, eating more healthily, giving up smoking, drinking less alcohol or reducing stress levels.

Over six one-to-one sessions, a Health Trainer will work with you to develop a Personal Health Plan, designed by you and the Trainer together, to identify the areas of your health you want to improve and the actions needed to achieve your goals.

Health Trainers also provide you with information, practical advice and motivational support and may direct you to other appropriate services for additional help. Visit London Health Trainers: CLICK HERE to access their website. Alternatively, you can telephone them on 020 3137 3373, email: