Keep Your Brain Fit

Your brain needs to do workouts to keep you mentally healthy just as your body needs workouts to keep you physically healthy. Playing games and doing quizzes are a good way to keep your mind active and healthy. Research findings have shown that games and quizzes can help alleviate, delay or control depression, dementia and Alzheimer's. The games can be bridge, other card games, chess - anything which you find interesting, exciting and a little challenging.  You can join clubs, create your own group or join online clubs or just access a number of free online games and quizzes - see below for more information on these. Research has also shown that the more the brain is used, the more the brain cells multiply, so it's worth exercising your brain. Don't give up just because you feel 'tired', you will find that everything becomes easier after a while as your brain becomes fitter and more able to handle a challenge. 

How Old is your Brain? Try the Free Brain Age Games which will test your mental abilities and tell you what age your brain is. The games just test your memory and your reaction rate - they are not about testing your knowledge, so it's okay for people of diverse educational levels and nationalities. If your brain age is less than your actual age, you are doing really well!  If not, you need to do some mental exercises. To play the games, first CLICK HERE for the Free Brain Game website. Then when you are on their website, click on the big yellow button which says PLAY NOWThen follow the instructions. 

Also read about how to stimulate your brain from the Free Brain Exercises for Seniors website:  CLICK HERE to access it.  This website offers you simple, daily things you can do to improve memory and keep your brain young and active. Try some of the brain games below by clicking on the arrows on each video.

Brain Game Video

    Do these Trivia quizzes and games which change every day - just click on the blue CLICK HERE signs to access each game:
    • Quiz Time for an exciting new quiz every day: CLICK HERE 
    • Code Cracker to test your code cracking abilities: CLICK HERE
    • Daily Crossword Puzzles: there are nine of them to choose from every day. Just click on whichever you want. To access the crosswords  CLICK HERE
    • Word Search: CLICK HERE
    • Sudoku: Use Your Logic:  CLICK HERE

    Are you interested in learning chess? It's very good for your mind, and anyone at any age can learn. Please let us know if you are interested so that we can organise a basics chess tutorial for you. You can then join our Platinum Chess Club. If you can already play chess, please join our club. We will organise regular chess sessions at a venue and we hope to hold an annual chess championship session with lunch and prizes where we crown a Platinum Chess Club Champion of the Year. Please call us if you are interested or would like more information on 0207 352 1336 or email us on Meanwhile watch the basic chess tutorial videos below:

    Basic Chess Tutorial Video

    Learning a new language is also an excellent way of increasing brain-power.  There are several free videos which you can access on the internet which will help you learn the basics of a new language or you can register yourself in a course. Surprise your friends and family by speaking a new language to them! Of all the many free language videos available on the internet, below is an example of a basic German language tutorial (have a look and see how easy and exciting it is!):

    Basic German Language Tutorial Video

    Here are a couple more tutorial videos for games: 

    Bridge Tutorial Video

    Basic Gin Rummy Tutorial Video