Mens Health

Networks, policy, practice, voice...

The Men’s Health Forum is the voice for the health and wellbeing of men in England and Wales. Our goal is the best possible physical and mental health and wellbeing for all men. There is one premature male death every five minutes and far too many men suffer from health problems that could be prevented.

What we do:

1. Listen to and represent the concerns of men.

2. Support men to improve their own health.

3. Campaign for changes that will make a difference to men, especially in those communities where the problems are greatest.

4. Collaborate with the widest possible range of organisations and individuals, nationally and locally.

5. Provide information, resources and training to equip agencies and professionals to deliver services to men.

6. Develop local community networks of professionals and volunteers.

7. Accelerate research.

8. Promote equality and diversity in every aspect of our work.