Your Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in your arteries. The higher your blood pressure the greater your risk of developing narrowed arteries which can lead to heart problems, kidney disease and strokes. The good news is that if your blood pressure is high, it can be lowered by making changes to your lifestyle, for example changing your diet, exercising and losing weight, and when needed, with tablets. 

Blood Pressure UK is the top charity in the UK dealing with the problem:

'Blood Pressure UK, previously known as the Blood Pressure Association, is the UK charity dedicated to lowering the nation's blood pressure to prevent disability and death from stroke and heart disease. Our vision is that everyone will know their blood pressure numbers, in the same way that they know their height or weight, and take steps to keep them healthy both now and in the future.

'Sir David Attenborough is Patron of Blood Pressure UK and our Chairman is Graham MacGregor, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, a 

Blood Pressure UK

leading expert in high blood pressure (see the video on the right).

'Since October 2000 we have been making a real difference to the 16 million people affected by high blood pressure in the UK. We work to ensure that high blood pressure is at the top of everyone's health agenda: within the Government, among health professionals, in the media and for every adult in the UK.'

You can find a professional nutritionist through the Nutritionist Resource website.

Nutritionist Resource only lists nutritionists who are members of a recognised professional body or those who have sent them copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.